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How do I register my Cue Command?

Click here to fill out our on-line registration form.

Why Cue Command?

The developers at Deceptively Simple set out to create a product that was both easy to use and offered 100% reliable music control over a substantial distance. The Cue Command appliance and associated iTunes app was the result of this endeavor.

From the very beginning, Cue Command was designed for remote music/sound effect control in a live performance environment. We saw a gap where performers wanted to manage their tracks in iTunes and then control them from the stage.  Because of our tight integration with Apple, this is now possible.

Every aspect of the product from the raised buttons on the transmitter (tactile feel even through trouser pocket) to the visual indicators of the app have been well thought-out and tested. There is simply not another product on the market that offers this level of integration, range, and ease of use.

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What Apple devices are supported?

The Cue Command app will support iOS version 8 and newer. This means the following Apple iOS devices are supported:

    • iPod touch - 5th Generation and newer*
    • iPhone - 4s and newer*
    • iPad - 3rd Generation and newer*
    • iPad mini - all versions
    • iPad Pro - all versions

    *Devices with Apple's older 30-pin connector are supported with the 30-pin CueCommand unit. Apple devices with the newer Lightning port are support with a Lightning-to-30-pin adapter or the newer Cue Comman unit with the Lightening plug.

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What is the range for the transmitter (remote)?

Through our testing, we have verified the transmitter/receiver combination will reliably perform over a 100+ yard distance. We have in fact used the device over a 200-yard distance but that is likely the upper limit of the handheld transmitter. In all cases, it has performed reliably in even the largest of venues.

As you would expect, the operating distance is limited by the radio-frequency “noise” in the area. Therefore, it is recommended you test the hardware at the venue prior to the performance.

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Will the Cue Command work with Apple devices that utilize the new "Lightning" 19-pin dock connector?

Yes. Support is provided by the Lightning-to-30-pin adapter, available directly from Apple. The adapter will allow for charging and music control but will not support video. Therefore, the composite video port on the Cue Command appliance will not output video from any device with a Lightning connector.

It is necessary for users to purchase the adapter directly from Apple, as third-party counterfeit devices are not supported by the Cue Command and should be avoided. Apple works very hard to prevent piracy of their equipment. To that end, there are electronics in the Lightning connectors that work with the Apple devices. Even if counterfeit units work when first purchased, they will likely fail after subsequent software (iOS) updates. Therefore, it is necessary for users to not support criminal activities and instead purchase the actual Apple products.

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Do you have a ankle-switch adapter available to control the Cue Command?

Yes, we do. See our Ordering page for details.

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Do you offer a battery-powered solution?

Cue Command automatically provides charging power to the Apple device when it’s connected. Because a full-size iPad consumes substantially more power than an iPod Touch, the power solution needs to allow for all possible models. Our custom battery units include a rechargeable battery pack and charger. The solution sells for approximately $100. If interested, please send an email to and we will work with you on a solution.

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Where can I buy a Cue Command appliance?

Currently, the devices are only available through Deceptively Simple, Inc.

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Do you ship internationally / outside the United States?

Unfortunately, no. Currently Cue Command is only approved by the United States Federal Communications Commission. Therefore, we can only sell it in the United States.

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I've placed my order. When should I expect to receive the unit?

We do have product inventory and every effort is made to ship product within 24 business-hours of receiving your order.

In rare backorder situations, the customer will be given the opportunity to maintain their place in line or to receive a full and immediate refund.

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What's in the box?

The Cue Command ships with the device itself, the long-range handheld transmitter, a removable antenna, a power supply, and an audio cable of your choice (selected from 3.5mm TRS to: 1/4" stereo, dual 1/4", dual XLR, dual RCA, or 3.5mm TRS).

The user can simply plug Apple’s “ear bud” headphones into the Cue Command to test the device.

Download the associated app from the iTunes store.

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Is there any special programming or abnormal playlist configuration required for Cue Command?

No. Unlike many other products in this field, Cue Command tightly integrates with the Apple devices. If the playlist is on the Apple device, it is selectable in the Cue Command application. The tracks are played in each playlist in the order they are set in iTunes.

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Will you be supporting other devices, such as Android?

No. Apple has become the industry standard of music players and we see no reason to develop other products.

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What if I don't see my question listed above?

Drop us an email by clicking here.

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