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I've tried all the systems available and Cue Command is the easiest and most reliable to use. It took me SECONDS to get up and running the FIRST time I tried it. This is the ONLY product that is truly "plug and play." The system is ridiculously simple to understand and operate. What a relief not to have
to worry about whether my music is going to play. . . now I can focus on my show. Cue Command allows me serious peace-of-mind.

--Jeff Hobson


Cue command has given me the freedom and confidence I've been looking for. It's simple to set up and use, bulletproof in every venue whether it's a cruise ship, theater or hotel banquet room. The read out is easily visible from a distance.

The fact that it works with my iPhone and iPad is icing on the cake! No more toting a laptop just to make last minute cue changes. That's a BIG deal for me. The pre-show setting is a wonderful idea, and I know it's a feature I'll use often.

I've tried just about every sound cue system out there and it looks like Cue Command is the one I've been waiting for!

--David Williamson


Cue Command is a reliable system that works perfectly anywhere, anytime! It's easy and adds so much! Definitely, a must have for the professional.

--Bill Malone


I've used literally every music control system that's come out over the past 10 years and Cue Command is easily the best. It does one thing, and it does it perfectly.

--Justin Willman


I recently switched to Cue Command and all I can say is WOW!!! I love the plug-and-play functionality of the device. The Cross-fade feature is such a cool touch as it makes the music seem flawless as the tracks
transition from one to another.

--Ken Scott


The unit is elegant and simple to set up.... The whole system works right out of the box within five minutes and it is quite intuitive to operate.... it is high quality and does exactly what it claims to do....

--MAGIC Magazine Product Review (click here for full review)


Please allow me to sing the praises of Cue Command! WOW, what an ingenious and necessary tool for anyone who performs professionally with recorded tracks. It’s perfect for comedians, singers, speakers, magicians, lecturers, teachers, or any special event.

Over the years, I’ve had many performance situations where I had to rely on a technical person, who had never seen my act, to play all of my music cues throughout the show. This often resulted in having to physically call for my cues multiple times, having the wrong music track play, or experience my music cutting-off prematurely during a song. Sometimes, their outdated equipment couldn’t even play my CD. Not very professional.

With Cue Command, I don’t have to trust my performance or reputation with a volunteer. I can easily start and stop my music without vocal cues. I can change tracks, moving forward or backwards in my set list whenever I choose. And, I can even control the volume levels at the touch of a button. Amazing!!!

The state of the art, compact equipment allows you to use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod for instant access to nearly any digital audio file. The tiny, handheld remote control device is discreet and can even be attached to a microphone stand. The company also offers an ankle strap remote that allows complete hands-free control. Magic!!!

I wish I had the ability to own one of these units years ago. I can’t tell you how it would have streamlined my show, improved my performance, and impressed my clients. I'm thankful this technology is available today.

Do yourself and your career a favor, visit today and see for yourself how Cue Command will bring your performance to the next level.

Thanks and best always!

-- Jim Barber, Comedian Ventriloquist - Branson, Missouri


The Cue Command is exactly the device I was looking for to add an extra professional element to my show. Before I had your device, I struggled with incorrect sound cues from tech guys. I truly believe that I have made one of the best purchases for my performance! And I truly value your customer service, which gives me a sense of relief knowing that you are there for me if I have any technology concerns.



Well, I guess you worked your magic, and it's working perfectly. I'm delighted with the ease of use, the logic of the controls and the fact that it's really easy to change the volume of the songs on the fly. Plus, the ease of creating playlists right in iTunes is icing on the cake. Further, with the other product the tracks have to be in MP-3 format, often requiring conversion from other formats. Finally, since Cue Command works with any Apple device, I can keep a set of playlists on my iPhone for emergency back-up if my dedicated iPod Touch should fail. All around, a great product. Congratulations!



Music is a powerful atmospheric tool, taking one's performance to another level. As a one-man show, the Cue Command provides me with an extremely user-friendly tool to control my music throughout my act -- letting me focus on my performance rather than stage tech.

--Brahm Corstanje


I use both music and sound effects in my performance and have struggled with every type of un-user friendly system. Although I am admittedly tech-challenged, when I tried the Cue Command I knew immediately it was a "game changer." In fact, if I could design a system to fit my exact needs, this would be it!

--Mark H.